Emergency Procedures

Procedures in the event of First Aid

  • Call for assistance
  • Ring 999 or 112
  • Explain accident and injury to child
  • The person speaking to you will ask:-
    • Are they conscious?
    • Can they breathe?
    • Can they talk to you?
    • Patients name and date of birth.
  • The person speaking to you will then make an assessment and then either:
    • Send an ambulance immediately

If it is not life threatening, either an ambulance or a first aid responser will be there within 60 minutes.

  • For the patient:-
    • Reassure them they are okay
    • Nil by mouth
    • Keep still, do not move them, cover with blanket.

If their condition worsens ring 999 or 112 back.

Contact parents at some point during the above procedure.

If a child needs to go to hospital then always contact 999 or 112 for advice.

If transport by staff car then gain consent from parent/carer first – 2 witnesses to consent given and recorded.